IILM Vivekananda Memorial Debate

New Delhi 110003
February 18.
New Delhi
Why join?

Dear All,

We take this opportunity of inviting your i...

Dear All,

We take this opportunity of inviting your institution to the FIFTEENTH ANNUAL VIVEKANANDA MEMORIAL DEBATE, organized by SANSAD, IILM Debating Society as a part of our annual management festival.

Vivekananda Memorial Debate Competition makes adrenaline levels in participants go up not just because of tough competition but the big prize money.

The total cash prize for VMD at stake this year is Rs. 1,00,000.

We seek participation from your institution in Vivekananda Memorial Debate, 2016.

Please e-mail your confirmations at vmd.sansad@iilm.edu
We look forward to your enthusiastic entry.

For any queries, do feel free to contact.

Best Regards,
VMD Society
IILM, New Delhi.
More information on the website of the event.


New Delhi 110003, 3 Lodhi Institutional Area, Lodhi Road


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