Open Events 2016

SRCC Business Conclave
New Delhi 110007
February 03.
New Delhi
Why join?

Missed the deadline for the online registration for events? Do not...

Missed the deadline for the online registration for events? Do not worry! SRCC Business Conclave 2016 has a host of Open Events that will tickle your creative thinking like no other. Registrations for Open Events will happen only on the spot.

The following events await you:

Who's your God?
Frustrated by talks of intolerance, you decide to form your own religion, but forming one is no child's play. Get,set and market your religion as we judge you on your marketing skills (not spirituality of course!) So, who is your god?

The Great IPO:

Loads of startups. High valuations. Cash pumped in by reputed private equity firms. But will they sustain the onslaught of the ultimate judges - the public investors at large?

Be the prudent in investor to place the right bet as a host of attractive IPO's come to lure your cash.

M & A- The Corporate Strategist:

It's time to unleash the czar within you and formulate the best strategy to prevent your company from collapse or to create an empire never seen before.

Churn out your tactics and negotiation skills to strike the best deal and emerge as the best corporate strategist.

Rs 7500 and more in cash and kind.

Contact details:
Yashovat Saharia
+91-9871 447 853
Hari Shankar
+91-8468 836 931
Prarthana Tibrewal
+91-9776 700 003

More information on the website of the event.


SRCC Business Conclave
New Delhi 110007, Shri Ram College of Commerce


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