Tata and Tryst, IIT Delhi present 'The Pioneer's Makerthon'

Tryst, IIT Delhi
New Delhi 110016
February 20.
IIT, Delhi
New Delhi
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Tata and Tryst, IIT Delhi present ‘Pioneer’s Makerthon : Make the m...

Tata and Tryst, IIT Delhi present ‘Pioneer’s Makerthon : Make the messaging of future’ . Sometimes the best way to find out if an idea is great is to just try it out! Unleash your talents and fight it out for the biggest hackathon of the year at IIT Delhi.

1. Minimum 2 and Maximum 4 members allowed in a team.
2. All communication with the team would be made through the team leader.
3. Cross-college teams are allowed

After registration at Tryst website and submission ofgoogle form, this needs to be done:

One page abstract of the idea + wire frames of the tool to be submitted to groupcto@tata.com. Attach the following details: Name, University, Email Addresses and phone numbers of each team member. Last date of submission is midnight 12th February, 2016.

Note: Please register for Tryst 2016 before applying for this event.
To register for Tryst 2016, go to http://www.tryst-iitd.com/events.php
To register for this event, fill up the google form at this link https://goo.gl/a1maEz
To know the exact details of the Makerthon, go to https://goo.gl/usXhjJ
More information on the website of the event.


Tryst, IIT Delhi
New Delhi 110016, IIT Delhi


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