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The Cell has been initiated in an effort to coordinate entrepreneurial activities in and around IIT Delhi, and rest of NCR.

The Entrepreneurship Development Cell (eDC), IIT Delhi is a cell which aims to support and augment the efforts of budding entrepreneurs in the college level to get established as a successful and independent entrepreneurs, by providing them with advice regarding financial support, organizing workshops which help to teach the young ‘College Entrepreneur’ become acquainted with the lingo of the Business world, learn and implement marketing strategies and learn about the different areas in which earlier budding entrepreneurs have been successful. Every year in Startup Showcase, students are made to experience how being a real entrepreneur feels like when one is made to present and defend proposals, pitch their ideas to Venture Capitalists, and also gain valuable advice from well-established lawyers and businessmen who are invited for the event. Entrepreneurship in college has a unique flavour since it is only here one gets access to a large cheap workforce, easily available mentors and lots of new floating ideas. The cell aims to train the young entrepreneur to observe these existent ideas and feed them with new ones via numerous competitions such as Vishisth B-Plan, Case Study competitions, Panel discussions and most importantly through Guest Lectures, where some of the most eminent entrepreneurs of the country have graced the event with their presence in the past few years and ignited young minds with some of their own accounts of their rise to fame in the entrepreneurship world. Bimonthly newsletters (Studentrepreneur) are released and circulated in order to make newcomers aware of the terms used in business, such as Pitching, Angel Investing, B-Plan etc. and also make the audience acquainted with some of the latest happenings in the entrepreneurship world.

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