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The change is recent and is in its nascent stage but Delhi is witnessing an ‘audio-transformation’ and we like to believe, Kitty Su has been a vital element of this nouveau culture of electronic dance music, sound and technology. In a city of millions and still counting, new cultural musical movements have taken place but since the year 2011, when Kitty Su opened its doors, there has been a shift.

Kitty Su, a destination for all electronic dance music lovers celebrates the spirit of the youth of India while still remaining firmly grounded in its rich cultural heritage. Among many firsts in the country, it introduces the concept of the ‘A’ List area called ‘The List’, ‘The Salon’- a mini nightclub within a nightclub & the Champagne Lounge referred to as ‘The Dressing Room’.

Located in the heart of the capital, in The LaLit New Delhi, guests can experience the hottest and latest tracks in electronic dance music, ranging from House, Techno, Commercial and Dubstep. Open Three days in a week including Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays, music fanatics can party to the best in town, often long into the night till the wee hours as well.

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