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Comic themed restaurant and the hippest trendiest hangout in town!

Let’s Get Comical...
Here you will get the flashback of those days where comic characters were your real heroes and never tired of mimicking them - tying long cloth around your neck and wearing underwear on your pants as Superman or spinning invisible wasp as Spiderman or jumping around with dad’s helmet on as Super Mario or going to war whole day long as a G.I. Joe soldier and what not. Come relive your comic days or see your kids doing it at What a Comic Show, in short WACS!

WACS is a comic theme restaurant at Safdarjung Development Area Market near Delhi IIT Gate, which is first of its kind in the country. Our walls and interiors adorn comic characters of all kinds and size, just name it! There are piles of comics and novels to read while you are munching chows from our exciting oriental and continental menu. And for those who love to gobble down their food with some drink, we also serve beer and wine at a very pocket-friendly price. And to make things more fascinating we have many electrifying regular dos. Like, Wednesdays it is Super Karaoke and Saturdays Live Acoustic Music & Open Mic Night – sing your heart out nobody cares how you sing. And it is all super heroes’ movies on Fridays. Not to miss out our Halloween and Super Hero Costume parties where you are odd one if you dress normal. After all these if you need some fresh air, there is space to dine outside. It’s a hell of one good time out here, a must visit place if you are around south Delhi. Miss WACS at your own stake!

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